here goes my ramblings….

It’s been years since my last blog (Multiply and Blogspot) . I had one while I was just a student and many years have passed. I grew in a lot of aspects. There were some ups and downs, there were also changes with how I view things. Let’s face it… change is inevitable.

Which brings me the reason on why I created this blog.

Let me tell you 10 things about me which will most probably the bulk of my entries here.

1. I am in my mid-20’s who acts as if she’s still a kid.

2. I live in the Philippines, and works like a zombie.

3. Even when I was a student, I am fond of watching asian dramas.

4. I promised my self during my wee years to stick with only asian DRAMAS, and now i’m taking it all back… you’ll get to know why as you read on.

5. Eventually I got into K-Variety and know I’m hooked with Running Man.

Running Man

Running Man

6. Running man got me curious with Bigbang and eventuallg got sucked in to the life and works of G-Dragon. A friend told me once, once you start K-Pop, you’ll get sucked in. I’m hoping i’ll stay as is… Stick with GD.

7. In a span of a year and a half, my playlist went from Alternative music to Bigbang’s. I’m  not proud of this, to be honest.

8. My cellphone is a phone of a stalker. It’s all Running Man and GD stuff.

Kwon Jiyong

Kwon Jiyong

9. I stopped buying Music CDs when I was in High School and just downloaded and copied music from friends, and now…it’s my guilty pleasure.

10. Had a very lucky 2012. I’m planning to recall all this and post this here. To sum up: it’s all about those I’ve mentioned above.

***Photos aren’t mine. I made a collage (PicCollage) of pictures I got from the web. (instagram: rmdoodle , xxxibgdrgn ;  yg mobile app; apologies for the other photos, wasn’t able to take note of the owners, will do so going forward)


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