Happy YesAsia buyer and a photo preview on Bigbang’s Alive tour in Seoul DVD

Had a countdown on my Instagram account and was so happy it only took 7 days to get my package from YesAsia to the Philippines. I had a hard time looking for feedbacks and reviews on how YesAsia actually works with regards to shipping and customs. So here it goes…

I pre-ordered Bigbang’s ALIVE Tour in Seoul DVD on the 24th of January, 2013. The official release was a day later in YesAsia (30) than the official YG release (29). On the 30th my order’s status changed from “processing” to “waiting for stock” in the morning to “ready to be shipped” in the afternoon.

Honestly, I was sooo happy that got me into doing a countdown in my Instagram account.

On the 31st it was marked as shipped. I had no idea what happened to my parcel as I opted the free standard shipping Yesasia offered for purchases above $39. I read a lot of negative comments on how long it takes for them to receive their purchases in the Philippines and only had a few good ones.

Lo and behold, as I checked my account last night, they provided me a tracking number. It seems that my shipping method was turned into express. My packaged arrived in HK on February 4 and was shipped to the Philippines on the same day. It arrived on the Philippine’s hub around mid-morning and was on delivery around 2 AM via DPEX.

I was expecting to get it in 14 days but was surprised to receive it right at our doorstep on the same day, February 5. The Toll – DPEX guy just required me to sign the package.


Packaging was neat. It was boxed and closed very efficiently to the point where I had to use scissors and knife just to cut the layers of tape. The poster tube was humongous, you can fit around 5 more posters in there. Everything was all bubble-wrapped underneath.

All in all, I’m giving Yesasia a 5/5 star as a first time client. And yes, no more additional fees. After unboxing my DVD, I loved everything. YG makes it a point to make their market satisfied with their product. Actual product contains 2 DVDs comprising the 24 tracked concert and the making plus 5 angled encore performance of “Bad Boy”. As soon as I opened my parcel, I had to test run it and watched the GD-angled performance. Best 5 minutes of the video. Hahahaha!




The DVD is worth it.. you can relive the concert you attended at your very own country with a little twist or for those who weren’t able to attend, you’ll get to experience it up close. ^^. Till then! I have a nice tale on how I ended up watching their concert in the Philippines in standing VIP with an upper box ticket. Toodles!!! Click to order via YesAsia


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