I ❤ Running Man


Running Man – Fan Art by @RMDoodle

I started watching a Korean Variety show, Running Man early 2012. My sister wanted me to watch it with her as she knew I was into Korean dramas and thought I might appreciate it. At first I thought,  “Nah, I don’t like it…I’ll stick with my K-dramas” . When we got to the Chicken fight on the first episode it got more and more interesting and got me hooked to the show.

In a span of 2 months, we marathon-ed Running Man and eventually came to a point where we were watching the dramas a week after it was shown in Korea. We just had to wait for  English subbed version. I could say that my week is not complete without Running Man.

Cast of Running Man

Cast of Running Man: Yoo Jae Suk, Song Ji Hyo, Kim Jong Kook, Lee Kwang Soo, Kang Gary, Ha Dong Hoon, and Ji Suk Jin

I love the camaraderie between the group. Each have distinct strengths and personalities that you would appreciate each and everyone of them.

I even salute the PD’s and staff of Running Man as without them, Running Man won’t be that interesting to watch.

Right now, they’re around 131 and I’m not getting tired of seeing them. They are my stress relievers.

I’m looking forward to more interesting games, challenges and puns from the cast and staff of Running Man in 2013.


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