My BIGBANG Euphoria : ALIVE Tour in Manila (24 -Oct-12)

I can still recall to bits and pieces my first K-pop concert adventure. I may not have seen all the things each member were doing but the feeling of sranding right at the front as a VIP made me more special.



The day tickets were released here in the Philippines was a stressful day for me.To make the long story short, I was able to get a pair of tickets after around 6 hours it was released. Me and my friend planned to get the lower box tickets but good seats were already taken, so we got the mid upperbox.

Around 2nd week of October I bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 and there was an electronic raffle for Bigbang Alive tour tickets and limited edition of S3 cases. So there I was, in the Samsung store looking at the TV and my mom said,

“just buy it, maybe you’ll win the grand prize”

and said to myself,

“nah… that’s way too impossible”

My mind was set too win one of the 2000 winners of the BIGBANG cases.

Two days before the concert, I received a text message from Samsung asking to confirm an e-mail they have sent. I thought it was a joke as there was no e-mail in my inbox. Instead it was loaded in the Spam section. As I browse the e-mail, I just focused on the “you won an S3 case”.

I wasn’t able to read further as I got too nostalgic winning the S3 case. My sister looked at the e-mail and told me” hey, you didn’t only win the case… you got yourself a pair of VIP tickets too”.


VIP tickets with my S3 case.

I was so happy and the feeling was like I won the lottery. I got the tickets the next day and sold my old tickets via Twitter and it was instantly sold as tickets were already sold out in SM. On the concert day, Samsung called and offered me a pair of rehearsal tickets. I remained calm during the phone call but was sooooooo happy that I jumped for joy. Hahahahaha! I was informed of the rehearsal tickets around 1 pm and was told to get it before 2 and head straight to the concert grounds for the rehearsals. We were about less tha 100 people that were lucky to get in. No cameras were allowed which is a bummer, but It was an unforgettable experience for me. I was able to hold Taeyang’s hands as he walked in front of us. They sang and played on the SM MOA arena stage with no costumes and no make-ups. One thing that I found surprising is Seungri. Wasn’t a fan of him but when I saw him, I was like,

“gosh ang pogi!”(Handsome)

I was also able to exchange a hand wave with playful Daesung, as I made that retard wave, he waved back doing the same wave. Hahahaha! It lasted around 30 to 40 minutes or maybe shorter but for me it felt like it was shorter. I felt like I was on fast forward that day. I was having my best time and just ended when Taeyang said:

“I love you guys, now get out!”

MOA ARENA was a mess that day, I can’t say it was smoothly organized but heck, all ticket holders had one same line. There was a massive line at tbe side of the arena that when you get out of that line, you have to line-up again in front of the arena for the specific area of your ticket. They should have done that in the side of the arena from the beginning. This made the VIPs irritated all throughout the afternoon. Not all were even able to watch the concert on time because of this ticket system.

Anyway, so there I was in the standing VIP area. I had my older sister aacompany me since my friend had conflict with work schedule. In spite of standing and not being able to see everything since everyone’s so tall and and everyone was holding up there iPad (I hate you guys), I enjoyed it ^^. I Was only able to see from the extended runway to the extended stage. I had to tip toe to get a glimpse on the main stage which was not easy so I just watched it on the screen. My sister did all the video and picture taking stuff for me so I was able to watch the concert live and not thru my camera. Hahahah!


Here’s a taste of my sister’s photos. Made a collage and set it as wallpaper for my Whatsapp.


Bigbang in Manila

Hope they do come back here in the Philippines. I’m also hopeful the we’ll be included in GD’s world tour this year.

Yessir! That would be sooo much fun!


2 thoughts on “My BIGBANG Euphoria : ALIVE Tour in Manila (24 -Oct-12)

  1. unni, nabasa ko po sa TWITTER, confirmed via YG email. Nagpeprepare na raw ng date kung kailan ilalabas yung 2013 Alive Tour DVD (the final concert). EHHHHHHEHEHEEHEHEHHE. <3<3

    *SAVESAVE* mode. (:

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