My Top 5 Running Man Guests

What makes a remarkable Running Man guest:

1. Someone who is smart.
2. Someone who’s not afraid of Sparta.
3. Someone who does not care about ruining their image and just wants to have fun and win.
4. Someone who effortlessly makes us laugh.
5. Someone who’s just like family.

These 5 points I’ve mentioned may not all be present in the 5 guests I’ll be giving but they have at least most of them that makes me want to see them back at Running Man.

Here it goes, in no particular order:

Jung Yong Hwa of CNBlue – He is the Ace of all guests. He’s been a guest for a number of times now but I really don’t mind it. I like the relationship he has built with the Running Man cast and the fact that he has established a strong character that makes RM cast want to be in the same group as him is a plus!


Kang Daesung of BIGBANG – Just like old family. It really is a pleasure to see the old Dumb and Dumber duo reunite, Jaesuk and Daesung. They’re also the reason why I started watching Family Outing. I love how they care for each other in their dumb old way. ^^ He is also one of the reason what made the RM Bigbang episode fun to watch.


Song Joong Ki – He may not be a guest but was one of the original cast members. It was refreshing to see him guest with Kim Sam Soon’s Kim Sun Ah. Hope he’ll have time to visit his RM family. I miss enthusiastic Joonki.

Song Joong Ki

Han Ji Min – One of the female guest which showed a perfect female guest in RM who does not show her weakness and not a damsel in distress.


Gong Hyo Jin – Another fearless female guest. I had fun watching her attack the members to protect betrayer Kwangsoo. At first she didn’t have a will to win but as the show went on, she was so competitive.


Lee Kwang Soo and Gong Hyo Jin

I only picked a few of the stand-out guests in Running Man but there are plenty. KUDOS to the PDs and staff! Without them RM wouldn’t be interesting and fun.

Do you have your own pick?  Please do share ^^


5 thoughts on “My Top 5 Running Man Guests

  1. I so agree with your choice of Han Ji-Min. One of very few female guests I find to be up to the challenge. Smart, quick-witted, and competitive. And boy, talk about feisty. I wonder if Sukjin still bears the scars from his encounter with her. She plays to win! Vita-Min!!

      • Just finished watching the episode with Gong Hyo Jin. Again I will have to agree with your choice – she’s great! Guess I like the smart feisty ones! Hehe. And her comments about our uselessly loveable Kwang Soo? Spot-on!
        I would love to see both GHJ and HJM back again! Perhaps an international episode that will showcase how street smart both these ladies are! Or, better yet, an episode with three female leaders – Song Ji Hyo, GHJ and HJM – leading the men! That should be interesting ….

  2. What a fantastic idea! A re-do of Charlie’s Angels with these 3 ladies! Love it!
    Where can we write to the producers about this?
    Hmmm … who to take the Cameron Diaz/Drew Barrymore/Lucy Liu roles …

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