BIGBANG’s Special Edition: Still Alive | Album

My first BIGBANG item. Never did I realize that this would be the start of my media collection of BIGBANG.


BIGBANG | Still Alive

On my birthday last year, 2012, my sister gave me this album as a present. I was so psyched as at that time, I was excited to be going to the October 2012 Alive Tour concert and to have this album is a bonus!

When Odyssey, a local music store, announced that they are accepting pre-orders of the Korean version of the album, I sent the link to my sister and told her, I want this for my birthday. So she gave me a signal to pre-order.

Of course I ordered the G-Dragon version.


Still Alive | Special Edition | G-Dragon

I have forgotten the specific dates but I remembered feeling agitated as my cd wasn’t delivered a week after the release here in the Philippines. At one point I decided to not wait and at the same night, while I was on the office, I got a call from my sister that it has arrived.

It came with a humongous poster. The box contained a YG family card, a photobook, info card and a hardbound Hyundai branding Bigbang book.


My favorite was the YG family card.  Since I got the G-Dragon version, I got a card with his name. When you put it online via Bigbang Official, you’ll get the lyrics and a couple of photos from the boys, they call it a “Thank You Gift Box”.

The cd contains 9 songs: Click the titile to go to it’s MV via their Youtube Channel.

1. Still Alive – the full version of the intro of “Alive”

2. Monster – their title song. I liked his mushroom head here.

3. Feeling – not really a fan of this song, but whenever I hear this song, I always remember Taeyang dancing in their Manila Concert. You’ll see why… look at a the fancam video.

4. Fantastic Baby – One of the song that catched me while watching their Running Man episode. I have to link this song to their official encore video in Manila. They were so bubbly here and we were all having a fantastic time. The panda here is too cute.

5. Bad Boy – the song is quite catchy. It’s the forst Hip Hoppy song that I liked.

6. Blue – My favorite song in this album. It’s a little mellow but is also catchy. This has one of my longest LSS (Last Song Syndrome)

7. Bingle Bingle (Round n’ Round) – I like the meaning of the song. The guy is confused by how girl acts towards him.

8. Ego – She killed my egoooooo….

9. Love Dust – also one of my favorites. This is where I first heard GD not rapping, at least in a line or two. See link for their live performance at Inkigayo. It was a bummer to have not seen them perform this in their Manila tour. I was looking forward to it.

The album is quite nice. The packaging is neat. There albums are packaged differently from albums I had from other artists. You can see it was well conceptualized and well prepared.

This is just my first… you’ll see a few more items I have of them. ^^.


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