10 Reasons why I ♥ G-Dragon

I’m only 25 and got the world so curious. Is it because of my style or my flow is mysterious? – G-Dragon (Crayon, English ver)


Here it goes…in no particular order:

1. I first saw him during Running Man. Everything about him back then was a question mark for me. He got me curious. He isn’t the type you would completely fall in love with at first glance but he had the “umph” that got me googling him. Well at least for me he had the “umph'”.

2. Searched his profile via Wikipedia and got me curiouser and curiouser. He wasn’t the boy-next-door type, he wasn’t the eye candy of the group, he looks like someone who is a “kanto” boy but for me a more sophisticated “kanto” boy. (Kanto boy is referred to in the Philippines as someone who doesn’t work and just goofs of on the streets). He got into scandals like marijuana usage, plagiarism and stuff but was able to prove himself right.

3. Looks like a bad boy but is indeed a good boy. He loves his family and he takes care of his group like his own family.

4. He knows when to play and knows when to be serious. He is a great leader and you’ll admire his answers during difficult times. He knows what to say and what not to say.

5. He is obsessive compulsuve. He is a neat guy. I like the fact that he couldn’t sleep without making sure everything around him is tidy and in its proper position.

6. Although people say Taeyang is the best dancer of Bigbang, I like GDs style better. He moves like a feather, effortless.

7. He’s good at rapping as well as singing. Thwre’s only a handful of rappers who knows how to sing as well. Yes, he’s voice is little compared to TOP but his voice can blend in to different tones and styles.

8. He’s a genius. Do I need to elaborate more on this? Ok… he’s a singer, rapper, songwriter and producer. Not to mention he is considered one of the fashion icons in Korea whose fashion sense were able to influence other countries as well.

9. His hair. He’s like a chameleon.  His style, make him wear anything, make him even wear a box and he’ll turn that into a fashion trend.

10. GD and his music. He makes music with an admirable passion.

Photo cr: YG Official App, GD’s Twitter and Instagram posts, Vogue, Bean Pole, other photos as tagged.


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