Dooub’s BIGBANG Shake : Rhythm Action Game


Bigbang Shake

It’s been a year since I started playing Bigbang Shake. It’s an exciting game for BIGBANG fanatics. It’s pretty much the same as Tapsonic but this one goes beyond Android phones running on Gingerbread. Dooub games are compatible with Jelly Bean phones and tablets. They do not only cater Android users but Apple gadget users as well. Unlike Tapsonic where different artists are in one game, Dooub game provides a specific application for a specific artist and gives us a playlist of the artist we want.

Visual and audio are superb providing us with high quality graphics and sounds. The downside is payment is required to be able to play the full songs. But don’t fret, Dooub refreshes their short play free music once a week. And if you’re lucky enough, you might win a song or card package when they have an ongoing event. If all else fails and you don’t want to spend too much, they do offer a $0.99 per song package once in awhile which is actually a good buy assuming the orig package price is around $6.99 . They do have great customer support as well. Just e-mail them thru their customer support and they’ll assist you.


Loading Screen

To be able to play the game, it does require stable internet connection to play the game smoothly. ^^ .

When I started playing the game the only songs available were their 5th Album: Alive and a couple of songs from their Tonight Album. Now they have a variety of song packages such as GD’s One of A Kind Album, Still Alive Album, and their famous songs like Haru Haru, Lies, High High, Lollipop ang a whole lot more. They do update songs frequently.Here are some screenshots of some of the game background images for you to have a feel of it.
The game also provides a card system where you’ll be able collect a character card in every song played. You may use them to get a higher score and have a place in their ranking or you may use them by combining and getting a higher value card which you may use when you play a song to get a much higher score. Hahaha!

There are two modes to choose from, the classic tap game or the shake mode where it feels a lot more DJ’ing. The game is best played with hard to extreme mode with a higher speed such as 2x to 4x as this will give you a more feel of the beat and rhythm in tune with the song. I find the slow mode and easy mode harder as there are less buttons to play and kinda gets boring after awhile. So I suggest you get your game on and play the fast and harder modes.

I managed to get on top for the shake mode of the game. Not sure where I place now since Dooub’s ranking seems to be down for awhile now. It was good to see how well you place with your country’s flag beside it. Hahaha! I first used “buboythegreat” as my nickname unfortunately I had to change to “buboy”. I wasn’t able to retrieve the cards I collected from my buboythegreat account. In replace of that Dooub provided me with same amount of deck cards and a fresh batch of cards.

Now, they have a way to recover your account, so whenever you have a software update or you have factory reset your phone and apparently your purchases seems to be missing, just email them the default nickname generated, your old nickname and google account. It usually take 2 to 3 days to work on your request. Do understand they have a growing market. Before it just takes a day for them to reply but ever since BB’s World Tour I can see their Bigbang Shakes facebook’s likes growing by the day.


On Top!!!

Anyway, it’s been a full year of fun as I was able to place top and as well as collect their rare cards recently. Yey!

Here are my most precious card: virtually signed GS cards of each member.











It’s very hard to get S cards and harder to obtain SS cards. To get these signed cards you must combine SS cards. Harvest SS cards by combining S cards or use S cards while playing and get lucky enough to choose an SS card at the end of each song.

They had a signed Still Alive cd give away event before when you are one of the first lucky 5 players who obtain the signed GS card. I wasn’t that lucky before. Hahahaah! I only win deck cards and song packages.

Whenever you play this game, be on the lookout for their fun events, you might win something just like I did! ^^.

Check out the game via Google Play .


5 thoughts on “Dooub’s BIGBANG Shake : Rhythm Action Game

  1. is it safe to buy those songs package using our debit card?? can u briefly tell me the procedure?? will appreciate it much =) thank you =)

    • Hi Shady,

      I’m using android and it’s safe as it’s connected with your google account. If it’s your firstpurchase using your phone, google will automatically create your google wallet account so you can monitor yiur transactions there. Just make sure to change your phone’s setting with pin code when making purchase as other apps make purchases with just one click.

      As for Dooub’s, your nickname is associated with your google account. When your phone system updates, there are times when your nickname changes to system generated nickname and you wont be able to access your old nickname. Your songs too will appear to be not purchased. In this case, you would have to send to their support your old nickname and google account along with the nickname shown and they will transfer your purchases to your old account. They have a good customer support so don’t you worry. It takes 2 days to transfer I think.

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