G-Dragon’s Collection “One of A Kind” DVD

Early this year I purchased the Alive Tour DVD in Seoul. I told myself that it would be my last big purchase that has anything to do with Bigbang.

Along came February…I did not purchase anything BB, gave myself a pat on the back.

Then came March… and GD…and his One of A Kind Collection DVD. @.@


At first I was hesitant to get this DVD. If you were to look at it, about half of its content is available online with english subs. So I thought,  yeah you’re safe… but then I saw this video, where he was preparing before he was about to perform his comeback solo stage. Plus you’ll get to sew his Lisa Frank hair and the story behind him wearing a bear costume…

You’ll see him behind the scenes… which is way better seeing his music videos and live performances. You’ll get to know him more in these type of reels.

Now, I’m a bit frustrated with myself to the point that I want someone to knock some sense out of me. But please do hear me out before you do *wink wink*

Top 3 Reasons why I decided to buy this collection:

1. This video below:

2. I figured, there’s a huge probability he won’t include The Philippines in his solo world tour. And since it’s the time of the year when I get some extra moolah from my hard earned work. I deserve a little GD. Or is this too much?

3. From my last purchase via YesAsia, I was able to get a $5 coupon, not too mention that it was expiring soon, so summing everything up with shipping minus the coupon, I decided it would be a good buy since the price I’m paying is around how much actually it costs when you buy it from Korea.

So… yeah… I bought it @.@ .

Is it a good buy? Not so sure yet…

Is it smart to buy from YesAsia once again? Probably yes and probably no…
Yes, because I had a coupon. No, because since it’s only my 2nd purchase from them, I do still have doubts if it will also arrive right at my doorstep. I still believe I was just lucky from my 1st purchase that my standard shipping was changed to express. ^^

It’s been 2 days since the official release of YG and my order’s status is “Ready to be shipped”. If I’m lucky like my last purchase, I would be receiving it around next week. Maybe April 8 or 9. Crossing my little chubby fingers tight…

—- out of topic but still GD related, I heard MichiGo. My initial reaction was like my reaction to Crayon. It’s too dancy, crazy, noisy. But when you get used to it, play it around countless times… it’s quite catchy… plus I want to get his special sticker in Line. If only it’s available in our country. -_-


Oh and about his world tour… isn’t this to die for??? If I had a pillow like this, I don’t think I would be able to sleep. Hahaah! But it’s tooooo pricey for a pillow.


SO… I’ll post more of the DVD when I get it and when I have viewed ever little thing on it. Hahahah!

Purchase it via YesAsia .

Video Cr to BIGBANG’s Youtube Channel


2 thoughts on “G-Dragon’s Collection “One of A Kind” DVD

  1. The first time I heard MichiGO I hated it, too!! But then it just becomes addictive and I can’t stop listening to it!! LOL! Oh and I reeeeealllly love him in the video!!!

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