Who and what makes my stress go away…

It’s been a little over two weeks since my office hours changed to normal hours. Before I was working on a graveyard shift and now… im kind of regretting and want to go back to normal hours. (Just giving it a little more time)

What causes my stress these days?

There are certain things I miss doing when I was on the night shift:

1. When I go home early in the morning, I have time to play the radio with my favorite Bigbang album. I listen to it with my mom while playing with our own mobile games we shyly dance our head to the beat of the music. (I don’t have to worry about my sister who’s tired of hearing the same set of songs).

2. I can play my downloaded dramas and DVDs and not worry on who will use the TV.

3. I miss my fan girling moments. Right now my body is still getting used to morning shift.. so I get tired easily. I sleep early too. 😦 I miss my GD stalking moments.

4. I hate traffic in the mornings. I love commuting at night where there’s seldom traffic and you can enjoy listening to your mp3 with the semi cool breeze. The Philippines is so hhhooottttt right now..you would want to stuck your head on a cooler.

5. I can’t play my new GD DVD Collection fully as I have no strength to watch the whole set. By the way… it’s worth it. Alot 2-3 hours when watching it full. Hahaha! I’ll post a review soon.

Apologies for taking too long… this is me.. getting too old for everything.

Anyway… enough of the rantings…

What and who makes my stress go away after going home from the office?

1. A big hug from my Mom and a welcome home smile from my dad.

2. When I go to my room, we have this drawer where I put my stuff and clothes in, on top of it there’s a big smile from GD holding a bouquet of flowers welcoming me home. Got this one from Bigbang’s Alive Tour in Manila, a freebie from JejuAir.

3. Next to GD is my standee of Jang Keun Seuk. Seeing them both temporarily takes my office madness away.

4. Re-runs of Running Man episodes with my sister gives me a way out of having office nightmares.
Fan art by RMDoodle. Used PicCollage to create the wallpaper.

I’m not sure what I’ll do without these four stress-away factors. They’re like my everyday routine, my medicine.


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