Get your CrayOn: A One of A Kind album review

It has been over 6 months since I purchased this album and I never got tired of listening to the songs.

The album entitled One of A Kind had dual release dates. It was released digitally on September 15, 2012 and physically released two days after with two versions, bronze and gold. I got a hold of the leaked mp3 version and after hearing the songs I wanted to have my own copy. I was in the midst of my pre-Bigbang Alive tour in Manila concert and wanted to get myself my own sneak peak of GD before October.


I chose the gold version of course. I watched the Naver special of GD Countdown where he introduced the songs and the unboxing of both versions. Songs are the same, but the contents and jacket are different. The bronze version has GD with models and gold one has only him. So yeah, me wants only Jiyongie.


It was my first time ordering from a local online shop, ILoveCPop shoppe has the most cheapest from all the online stores I browsed. Plus when she says item has been shipped, expect your item the next day via JRS. I have no pictures of how it was packaged but believe me, I had so much fun playing with the layers upon layers of bubble wrap. The poster inside the tube was also engulfed with layers of bubble wrap too. So yeah, I do love this shop. (Search them via Facebook and Multiply)

Although there was a mishap on my fiirst order, which is by the way, not the fault of the online shop, but the manufacturer themselves, I’ve bought a lot of items from them as they have good customer support.

So there I was unboxing my sealed cd… there was too much excitement going on as my mom watched me slowly opening the plastic seal. Box opened, removed pictures, scanned thru pictures, loved the YG card and then I noticed, there was no CD. I was thinking, you have got to be kidding me!!! I bought a cd bit there was no cd. So then I contacted the shop and said they’ll send me a replacement once there second batch arrives. So there, I had to wait a few more days to get my hands on my missing CD. Teaser much… hahahaha!

Although I know what are the contents of the cd, I was very much excited to hear the songs on our radio, with big sound, good bass.

After a week or two, my CD arrived, and yes, I was a satisfied first time online buyer.

Enough of the intro… lets get to the album.

Photos, poster, jacket was superb. Album had 7 songs only but the value paid was for the extras. I thought the pictures would just be the flimsy type postcards but the ones included were of high quality sturdy ones. The album jacket was simple but had an impact. Songs were different from his Heartbreaker album which showed so much more of his style.


ONE OF A KIND I’m just wild and young, doing it just for fun, helllllooooooo The video of this song was rather awkward for me… he grew his mini muscles for this one. He had spaghetti hair. I liked how he danced in the video, it’s as if it’s effortless. The song was rather catchy specially the bridge to end part. Just like the second track…

CrayOn it took me awhile to get used to this I’m using it as my alarm. Hahahah! It was a mixture of dance, rap, electro and pop. It’s like you’ll love it or you’ll hare it typecof song. It’s a crazy song, getting your Crazy On with our Crazy Jiyong.

Without You aka Eventually feat a girl from YG’s new girl group. I love the song. Love the melody if the song. The song is quite meaningful too. You do have to expect that from G-Dragon. There are times when the song sounds happy but the meaning is too sad. Hahaha Anyway, I love the instrumental version too. I heard it from the GD DVD Collection and I looked for a copy online…here goes the video.

That XX I remember when the music video was released and was soooo disappointed at the bleep sound… loved the making of this video.


Missing You One of the best songs in the album featuring Kim Yoo Na of Jaurim. I sometimes humm this song unintentionally when I’m working. Am I missing anyone? NAH…..

Today feat Kim Jong Wan of Nell. Love the song but not liking the lyrics with rolling stones… but hey, love the tune… I just ignore that part hahaha.

Light it Up with Tablo and Doc2. I like Tablo’s voice. Loved it specially when I heard him first time with Taeyang in Tomorrow. So when I found out you’ll get this song only in cd as it was not released digitally, it was a plus plus. He’s so cute stuffing himself up with sweets in the GD countdown.

I’m rating the album a 4.5/5. There should have been more songs included. Good thing freebies were a lot here nad sogs were good. Plus…. GD expresses more via singing here. He still raps in the songs which is a given, and you’ll get to hear more of his singing voice especially in Without You. Love it. Hahaha!

Photo Cr: YG App, Club Zhang


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