My BIGBANG Euphoria has not ceased yet… Here goes my ALIVE BIGBANG SOCKS ^^

My BIGBANG fever has been with me for almost a year now. Or is it more than a year?

I thought it would die down especially now that GD is on his world tour, and we don’t hear that much of the guys recently. But we get to have updates only when they post on their social media networks, which I’m very grateful for.

So anyway, before their Alive tour last 2012 I bought a pair of GD Socks and didn’t wear them for almost half a year thinking I wouldn’t want his face to be stretched out, I did not want to step on him (hahaha!).


A few days ago, I finally got to wear my GD Socks, which was so comfy and adorable. I have  quite chubby feet, so here it is. hahahahah! My Stretched Jiyongie.


Then I remembered how cute TOP’s version is and as well as Seungri, and Daesung, and Taeyang.. I love all the Alive Version Socks. I tried to find them and they are too expensive. Tried to bid on EBAY and finally… got this cute babies with a good price and their on their way!


I’m planning to sell GD as I already have one.. or should I just keep it just in case my other one gets too worn out? hahahah! Well, If i’ll sell it… probably just within the Metro. Anyone interested?


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