Douub’s BIGBANG Shake: Updates and Rare Cards Event


Douub recently updated their BIGBANG shake. I’m currently using a Samsung Galaxy 3 – I9300 and I can say the app is a little off with my phone. It took a while for me to realize that to get a “perfect hit”, I need to press not on the bars located at the bottom, but around two notches higher.I can still get the notes right if I press at the bars but would only get me “great” score.

They also removed the shake game or the DJ style game which is a bummer. I loved that mode. I also noticed that it’s now hard to get a high card. Before you just need to complete a full song to get a B or A card. Now, it also gives a C card as well.

It often crashes on the Card Deck menu too :(.

Overall, it needs improvement. (At least For S3 gameplay)

What’s good in the new version is it’s a lot smoother and loads faster. Oh and now I can play 8x extreme mode!

They also had this new update event last December 2013 and I managed to get 30 rare cards. Yey!


Till the next update!


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